Armed with more than 15 years of hands-on industry experience and specialist building
knowledge, our team at ConQS provide quality assurance inspections at critical stages
throughout construction projects in Melbourne.


Our mission is to ensure that the workmanship of your chosen builder is carried out
according to strict Australian Standards, in line with your project quality requirements and
design intent. This keeps everyone accountable as the project progresses.


Driven by our core belief that ‘building does not have to be a stressful experience for the
investor’, our inspection service benefits our clients financially in both the short and long


A key component of our success is our positive and professional approach to managing
issues that arise during site inspections. We aim to provide transparent advice to assist all
parties in maximising the construction outcomes.


Whether you are building a new home, a residential or commercial development or an
industrial site, our Melbourne-based professional inspectors can help with valuable


It is ideal to partner with ConQS prior to the construction phase for the best quality
assurance, but we also know that projects can suddenly require the help of an independent
building inspector and we are here to consult at these later stages too.


Let us deliver peace of mind and more throughout your upcoming project.


Confidence at every Stage

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